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Why Sell to Shaddock

Why Sell to Shaddock

Shaddock National Holdings is growing the largest network of independently owned title agencies in the nation! We have successfully partnered with dozens of local title companies to facilitate their exit or expansion strategies.

When a title company owner or leadership team explores selling to or partnering with another organization, they discover that they often have 4 main options. After researching available paths, our partners realize that they –  

  1. Don’t Want to Sell to a Traditional Big 4 Underwriter: Big underwriters absorb your business into their brand, their culture, and may or may not keep your employees. 
  2. Don’t Want to Sell to a Private Equity Firm: Many are “business flippers” who are not invested in your brand, values, people, or legacy. They are laser focused on financials and building your results up for future sale.
  3. Don’t Want to Sell to an Investment Club: While a PE firm may specialize in the real estate or title industry, investment clubs rarely have industry knowledge. They focus on aggressive profitability goals that can demand sacrifices in staffing and customer experience.

Option 4 – Sell to Shaddock

We’ve been in the title business for over 30 years. As part of our expansion model, we seek out title company owners who are planning their exit strategy or looking for a partner to support their expansion goals. We offer many different types of transactions including outright purchases, varied types of partnerships, joint ventures, and more.

When we acquire an organization, that company often keeps its brand, staff, and business procedures. We usually provide back office, Human Resources, and IT support as needed, as well as offer access to our benefits and 401K plan. You can review partner testimonials here.  

Owners spend years, at times generations, building their companies. Our goal is to preserve your legacy by keeping the integrity of what you built and support your vision for the future. If you are considering selling or expanding your business, we invite you to schedule a call with a member of our leadership team.