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How the Process Works

How the Process Works

We are seeking to acquire title agencies generating at least $10M in annual revenues with 55% or more of volume coming from residential resale and commercial in major metro markets throughout the county. We are also seeking companies of all sizes and business mixes in our existing operation states of FL, TX, AR, AZ, NV, WA, UT, CO, KS, and MO. If you meet these criteria and are considering selling or expanding your company, here is our process. 

It Starts With An Open And Honest Conversation. 

Please complete the form on our contact page and you will receive a call from a member of our leadership team within 48 hours. This is a chance for us to learn about your business model and your goals. Conversely, you get to understand our values and our approach for bringing new organizations into the Shaddock family. 

Looking For A Culture Match 

When we acquire a title agency, most often that organization will choose to keep it’s branding, as well as their employees and primary methods of operation. We avoid going into newly acquired agencies to make big changes. For that reason, it’s important that we have a culture match from the start. 

Making It Official

If our initial conversation goes well and both parties agree to move forward, we’ll sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement. We will then review financials, learn about your operations, analyze your market, and more. This will allow us to provide a valuation and proposed terms. If they are agreeable, we follow with a Letter of Intent, additional due diligence, contracts, etc. 

Completing The Sale

The process from initial conversation to closing the sale averages about 3-6 months and we aim to make it as seamless as possible. There will always be clear communication at every step of the process.